Hi there, welcome to MattMillican.com!  Although this site is still under "construction" (By the way, I hate that term for Web sites), I'm slowly working on adding more content about myself, things I've learned, what I do, hobbies and other useful (or useless) information.  I always love meeting new people, so feel free to contact me, otherwise please be sure to check back soon for updates!

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From the Blog

1/8/2015 8:00 PM
When building client side, single page applications (SPAs), you'll likely need some configuration variables from the server side at some point. Things such as the app root URL (for linking to other pages within the app), the API URL (interacting... (read more)
10/28/2014 11:17 PM
Originally, I had Monosnap saving to a folder on my Dropbox account. This was fine and dandy, but still had some annoyances, like the link taking a bit to copy. Monosnap has a built-in S3 integration which is pretty easy to set up. Let's walk... (read more)